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Store and forward for file transfer

Hi guys,

I’‘m quite new to this server, but noticed instantly that it allowed store and forward to IMs. But if I want to send one of my buddies a file and he/she isn’'t present I seem not to be able to, or what?

Does any of you know if this is to be added to the server? I skimmed the forum and couldn’'t find anything on the matter.



I believe the IM messages are relayed through the Wildfire server and therfore can be stored.

The file transfer is peer-to-peer, the server has no part in it, so it can not store the file.

Someone slap me around if I am wrong.

I would think it would be possible to store-and-forward a file if it was sent via the in-band bytestream method, but… it still may not work and would probably hit the server’'s limit for the messages it would store. There are very few clients that support IBB file transfers from what I know, though it might be fun to try and test it with a few of them.