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Storing HTML messages or custom XML in Conference Log

Hello, guys,

I’m not a pro-developer, just writing some funny extention to chat based on Xiff and OpenFire.

Business sense: let say I want to show geo coordinates and some other stuff in conference mode. And want to store it in logs so everyone will be able to view where exactly each response happened in retrospective.

So, I need to solve two questions:

  1. How to send this additional stuff via xiff? Is some custom HTML tag in message.HTMLBody enough for this? Or could you please advice sending it in XML form somehow?

  2. How to store this additional information in **ofmucconversationlog **table of Openfire? Should I write a plug-in to add a column to this table and to send this as a history to everyone?

And yes, am I moving in right direction overall?

Thank you in advance.

No ideas, guys?