Strange Behavior of Roster/Presence on Wildfire 3.0.1

I have the code which add user to a default group automatically.

Here is the scenario:






user1 logged in. add user1 to group1.

user2 logged in. add user2 to group1.

user3 logged in. add user3 to group1.

user4 logged in. add user4to group1.

In the end (after user4 logged in),

user1 can’'t see neither user2, user3 or user4

user2 can’'t see user3 and user4 but can see user1

user3 can’'t see user4 but can see user1 and user2

user4 can see user1, user2, user3

If newer users log in, they can see all previously logged-in users. The very first member of group1 (user1) gets empty Roster.

But if i restart the client (sign out and sign back in, starting from the very first user who joined the netwrok), all users can see everyone. Why is it doing this? Is there a way to force update on user’'s Roster progammatically?

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JM-658 describes something very similar, but there one must restart the server to get it fixed.