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Strange Openfire problems

Hey guys, thought I’d drop by and see if anyone else was encountering the same issues I have been seeing.

Firstly, Openfire never shuts down. I’ll have the application on and I’ll be working in the admin console and then turn the application off - the admin console is still running and reachable. It reflects changes made to LDAP and everything. Also, I was running Openfire as a service for a little bit just playing around, and I discovered that even with the application off and the service off, the admin console was reachable

Additionally, changes made to system properties don’t seem to take effect, even changes implented in openfire.conf. If I alter ldap.searchfilter and restart the service/server nothing changes. It reflects the change under System Properties, but it still pulls all the users in AD. The same if I change the baseDN. No matter what I set the property to, it will reflect the change on the admin console under properties, but no changes will actually be made.

The second issue may have something to do with the fact that the server doesn’t turn off. Does Openfire need a complete restart before changes made take effect? And how would a server contrive to keep itself open even when the application is closed/service is turned off?