Strange Problem with Spark: Text not showing

Spark 1.1.4

XP Pro all updates

2.4 GHz, 1024Ram

When the user opened a conversation window and attempts to type no text is displayed, and the cursor does not move. She can write something in notepad and paste it in, but even then the send button will not work.

I’'ve uninstalled and reinstalled the JRE and Spark, deleting both the program directory and the users spark directory in Documents and Settings.

When I went to re-log in the user (credentials were deleted,) even in login the text could not be seen. I went with a hunch, and just typed in all the info and clicked login, and I was authenticated and logged in. But no text ever showed in the log in window.

So I thought, maybe a font color thing even though I didn’'t remember seeing an option for it. I click on Spark, and do not get a drop down box. If I click on Help, I get a drop down, if I then slide over to Actions I get HALF a drop down, and if I slide to Contacts or Spark, I do not get a drop down at all.

This is the ONLY user that this is happening to.

I’'m Stumped. Any suggestions?


Spark comes with some DLL files and if you have files with the same name in c:\windows\system32\ or c:\winnt\system32\ it may be possible that these files instead of the one supplied with Spark are used. Would you please make sure that you have just one systeminfo.dll, jniwrap.dll, jdic.dll and tray.dll (the ones which are in the Spark directory) on your computer.


I searched for those files and found one of each, but they were in a file but in a different user’s profile. (The one that I used to reinstall Spark.) I did not find any in the Windows or System32 folders, so I’'m confident that they were not causing the problem.

I downloaded the beta of spark 2.0.0 and installed that, and its functioning correctly. So, until the full release of 2.0 comes out I’'m satisfied with this work around.

Would be nice to know what the error was, but sometimes we just have to accept that it’'s fixed and be happy with that.