Strange timeouts on the MSN Gateway

My MSN Gateway is connecting and I can see contact list and there is even someone online but for some reason it gives me this in the debug log:

2006.10.21 09:23:23 MSN: Session timeout for

2006.10.21 09:23:23 MSN: Session messageReceived for : QNG 42

2006.10.21 09:24:05 MSN: Session messageSent for : PNG

2006.10.21 09:24:05 MSN: Session timeout for

2006.10.21 09:24:05 MSN: Session messageReceived for : QNG 50

all the time and then when someone came online in my contact list this happened:

2006.10.21 09:25:38 Sending packet:

I’‘m confused, what’‘s going wrong here? (the debug logging has increased a ton since last beta, so it’‘s spitting out a lot more information) I don’'t see anything in there that looks wrong. Are you actually getting disconnected or something?

I thought the timeouts in the debug logs aren’'t good so thats why I posted it. Maybe its just alright. Because I can work normally with the msn transport.

Hrm. I see your point, that’‘s a little “scarey” to see. What it actually is is a regular timer to send a ping to the MSN servers. I’'m going to silence it in the code.

Oh ok I see