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Stream compression support in Connection Manager

In the Connection Manager (3.3.2) the code to advertise stream compression is currently commented.

with a nice todo tag

// TODO Fix compression with MINA and re-enable this code

Since this comment was made, MINA has been updated in the CM, and I was wondering if it hasn’'t been forgot to reenable this.

I’'ve made some few test, and everything seems to be working fine when I uncomment these lines.

Can someone confirm it’'s safe to use stream compression in the CM?

Hey yann,

Thanks for pointing that out. I forgot to re-enable compression again in CM. Making that change now for the next release.


– Gato

Is this taken care of in the 3.3.3 release?



as long as compression causes (zlib/compression) stream errors I think it does not matter if the current CM supports it or not - one does not want to enable it anyway.