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Strophe to connection manager

I failed to connect with javascript to openfire’s connection manager (which I well installed) using Strophe library:

conn = new Strophe.Connection('http://xx.xx.xx.xx:7070/http-bind/');
conn.connect(XMPP_JID, XMPP_PASSWORD, OnConnectionStatus);

**/opt/connection_manager/conf/manager.xml: **

<!-- Configure http binding. -->
            <!-- Script syntax allows BOSH to be used in environments where clients may be restricted to using a particular server -->
                    <!-- Longest time (in seconds) to wait before responding to any request during the session -->
                    <!-- <wait></wait> -->
                    <!-- Maximum allowable seconds over which a client can send empty requests to the server -->
                    <!-- Limit number of simultaneous requests the client makes with the 'requests' attribute -->
                <!-- Seconds a session has to be idle to be closed -->

Any other modifications to do in configure.xml or apache conf?