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Stuck on "Add an Administrator" screen of install (Active Directory, LDAP)

I configured openfire with AD & LDAP,

Base DN: cn=Users;dc=domainname,dc=local.

Administrator DN: cn=Administrator,cn=Users;dc=domainname,dc=local.

I tested the connection sucessfully, accepted the defaults for the groups/etc, but when I got to the “Add an Administrator” screen, it won’t accept any valid username I put in there…

Is there a special format?

I’m also curious about the ldap config, every line in:

http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/ldap-gui de.html

ends in a period, but is also the end of a sentence… should I or should I not have those periods in the config?

I’m going to try it again w/o the periods…


– Dave

Ahh, I figured it out…

The dot at the end isn’t supposed to be there, but that wasn’t the main cause of my problem.

The main cause was that there’s no semicolon in in the ldap line for defining the administrator account.

While the group specifys a semicolon in "cn=Users**;**dc=<Your Domain> "

Specifying a user apparently only uses a comma: “cn=Administrator**,**dc=<Your Domain>”

Answered my own question =)

– Dave