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STUN ''BINDING'' packets out of Spark 2.5.1?

The network folks in my organization report unexpected traffic from my workstation (pc/xp) …which appears to resolve to ‘‘xtunnels1.counterpath.net’’ …STUN protocol.

Is this normal behavior for the client? Appears to happen only when the client starts up after it has authenticated to our internal (opensource version) of Wildfire/OpenFire (v 3.2.4).

Just curious, and if there’‘s a way to disable this traffic, I’'d appreciate knowing how .

NOTE: I did try ‘‘removing’’ the telephone support plugin…probably a foolish thing to do…

Thanks. Any info appreciated.

Your Openfire server will redirect your client to various commercial STUN servers by default.

You can change it’'s behavior in the web interface on the STUN Server config.