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Sub Groups or Nesting Anybody Addressing this?

I also have a need for creating sub-groups and was checking to see if anybody was working on making that possible. I realize that can be done at the client level but I have a need to put everyone in there groups / sub groups then push that out to the clients. I have way to many users to expect them to organize a Large Global list.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated !!!

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Any Comments from anyone ???

I don’'t think this is supported yet.

Hey guys,

Currently Wildfire does not support JEP-0083: Nested Roster Groups[/url] as Hexagram said. However, we may add support for it in the future. Meanwhile, if you are using Exodus you can use nested groups that are supported by Exodus.

There is a feature in Exodus (Tools > Options > Roster > Use nested group) where you can choose a charecter used for nesting groups. For more information read this thread: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=95330


– Gato

…or if you are using Miranda as client, you can just separate parent and child in groupnames with a backslash. This also works with shared groups. The groups “Fish”, “Fish\Pike” and “Fish\Bass” would result in a group called “Fish” with subgroups “Pike” and “Bass” on the client.

Thanks for the responses Guys !!! Maybe subgroups will come soon because i need a way to mandate the way groups are layed out and organized. And keep them identical across many clients that i do not have physical access too.

Thanks so much for making this a great forum as well !!!

I’'ll chime in to say that support for recursion would be handy for nested groups on the Active Directory side.

User5 is a member of TheseUsersAtSiteOne

User6 is a member of TheseUsersAtSiteTwo

Both those groups are members of TheseUsers

In such a case, it would be very cool if an option existed so that both users would be identified as members of TheseUsers.

For my part, I’‘m not as concerned to present nested groups as I am to see to it that users who are a member of a group’'s parent group, show up where we want them according to their nested memberships.

Sure with LDAP supported that.

Can you build in a means to read the tokengroups attribute (multi-value) in Active Directory?