Sub ou for LDAP Groups

I’m taking a dive into AD, but I’m about as green as possible so please forgive the question.

My issue is this: Openfire has pulled all of the users from my domain, but no groups. I imagine that that has to do with the Base DN code which is as follows –

Base DN - ou=Domain Users,dc=Domain,dc=local

I’ve read several of the posts concerning AD and auto population of the client contact lists… and from what I’ve been able to gather, for auto population, Openfire needs to have pulled the groups from AD as well as the users. So my question is this, how do I modify the Base DN to have it pull the groups from AD (I know some people have created one large ou in Active Directory to have it show up in Openfire, but I am aiming to have each ou showing up). Thank you for your help.

I wrote this doc to help people like you get started: Any further questions you have I would be glad to answer.

I did in fact read that, you had linked it in another AD inquiry post. I did give me a little better idea but I didn’t see any samples of how to insert the group requests into/with the requests for pulling users (ex. Base DN: ou=Domain Groups,dc=Domain,dc=local), which is actually what I’m after.


back off your baseDN and use filters to limit users. Or restructure your OUs to accomodate your needs. Add a parrent OU and move the OUs containing users and groups into the new parent OU.

I’m feeling pretty foolish right now for not advancing a few screens to “Group Mapping.” Anyway, after doing more tinkering/research, the issue I originally had questions about has evolved into this one:

The AD groups should be pulled base on the information in the “Group Field” box under the “Group Mapping” tab in “Server Settings”… correct? This is the information in said box: “ou=Domain Users,dc=Domain,dc=local”. The problem is that there are no groups showing up in Openfire, and an error message is given when I try and do a “Test Settings.” Can you tell me why?

In the folder tree in AD, there is the default “Users” ou, which has nothing in it, and then there is the Domain Users ou, which is where all of our groups and users are.

Thanks much.

In an AD environment I have never changed the default values during setup, and rarely need to change them at all. Filters are the limiter, especially if your OUs are in the root of the tree.

Let me rephrase this and say: Does Openfire require any sort of syncing to be done (i.e. Openfire stop/restart) when changes are made in AD?