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Subscription Bug on Server to Server setup?


I have been playing and troubleshooting with our Openfire server to server environment all day and i’ve now reached a point where everything works except the adding of users from the other server.

On both servers (3.8.2) the subscription service plugin is running and set to accept all. Both servers have unique xmpp domains. For testing my laptop is connected as user.test@serverBE and my desktop is connected to user.name@serverNL (the servers are able to connect directly with no port restrictions)

  1. If i add the laptop user in Spark from my desktop it appears on my roster as offline.

  2. looking at my laptop thats connected to serverBE i see no changes.

  3. if i send a message from my desktop (connected to serverNL) i do get the message with the laptop user. I dont see a user anywhere in my roster though.

  4. if i add the ServerNL user on my laptop, both machines will show each others users as offline and can send messages. This doesnt change after relogging

If i change the subscription plugin to not intercept it behaves a bit different.

  1. if i add my laptop user on my desktop, he will get a subscription request. If i accept this the user will be shown as pending.

  2. on my laptop the user shows as offline (i had the “add user to roster” ticked on accepting the request)

The weird thing is that the other way around (adding my desktop user from my laptop) i dont get a subscription request after adding.

With the subscription plugin set this way, i also get the “Subscribe to” option in my right click menu, this doesnt seem to do anything.

I would have posted this in the Openfire support section, but i decided to test this with another XMPP client (Psi). In Psi there is the option to grant subscription and ask for subscription. Doing this (with the plugin set to disable) everything works perfectly and the users show as online to each other.

I think this is a Spark issue somehow.

Does anybody have any more troubleshooting ideas?\



Does anybody else use or have tested with a Openfire server to server setup where the Spark clients share/receive the proper subscription information?

At the moment i can’t see any users on the other server as online.