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Subscription plugin doesn't subscribe presence data

Hi, I have a question about the subscription plugin. As far as I can tell, the documentation says that the subscription plugin intercepts requests and accepts them on behalf of users. Would this not also apply to subscribing to presence data?

I have two seperate domains serving different user bases. The subscription plugin is enabled on both servers to accept all requests.

Here’s the scenario as I understand it, with expected results and actual results:

user@xmpp.domain1.com adds user@xmpp.domain2.com.

Subscription service on domain2 intercepts request, subscribes the user and presence data automatically.

subscription service on domain1 recieves the automated request, and also subscribes user and presence data.

expected result: user appears on roster with presence data

actual result: user appears on roster, but presence data is missing

If I disable the subscription plugin (no intercept) and manually accept the request for subscribing for the user on each domain, roster and presence data is correctly shared.

Is there something I’m missing? I’m aware that the xmpp spec doesn’t allow unsubscribed or unsolicited presence data to be exposed (unless you’re using the presence plugin to expose it through http) but once again, I thought the subscription plugin would perform this function fully.

Thank you for any answers

Aaron Bockelie

Just a bump for any ideas. If I do not use the subscription plugin and users manually accept added contacts, things work fine. (ie: user “a” adds user “b”, “b” accepts request from “a”, then “a” has to accept request from “b”)

I was hoping that the subscription plugin would automate this and users wouldn’t have to worry about 1) accepting contacts and 2) have presence data automatically.



Hi Aaron,

When I originally wrote the plugin it behaved as you expected it should but awhile back it was altered to behave as you’re seeing it function now. I’m biased of course but I felt the original way was more intuitive in that once a subscription request was made, that was the end of it and didn’t require any more interaction on the part of the user(s). Ideally, since there is no agreed upon way things should work there should probably be an option to allow an admin to toggle between the two different types of behaviors but I haven’t had an opportunity to add that feature. I have attached a version of the plugin (1.2.0a) that works correctly with Openfire 3.4.x. If you have any problems please let me know.


subscription.jar (14484 Bytes)

Ryan, I really appreceate your response on this. Thank you for finding the version that behaves as expected.

Aaron Bockelie