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Subscription Plugin

I have installed the subscription plugin into the latest version of Openfire, this allows for automated acceptence of friend/user requests which is what I want. It works flawless on windows 7 users, but falls on its face when an XP user tries. Has anyone else encountered this and found a solution?

Thanks for the help!

What client do you use?

Spark 2.6.3 is the client I have deployed thus far.

I have tested with Openfire 3.8.2 and latest Spark 2.7.0 nightly build and for me it doesn’t work on Windows 7 either. As it works fine without the Subscription plugin and from what i see on roster pages in Admin Console i can rule out Spark and OS and blame only Subscription plugin or Openfire itself for not completing requests. Filed as OF-685. Thanks for reporting. Can only suggest to disable this plugin and revert to manual accepting until it will be fixed.