Subscription problem


I have the following problem.

I use nicknames with my users, and have a client that sends presence

If person A sends a subsription request to person B when both are online it works great.

The subscription that is sent looks like this

MrPerfect Everything good

But my problem occurs when A sends a subscription request to B when B is offline (my application supports this).

When A comes online the following package is sent

Now this is correct but it leaves out the status and nick part. Is there any simple way of making openfire always send this info when sending out presence packages?

If not what is the simplest way of accomplishing this?


Well I believe nicknames etc are not supposed to be sent with Presence requests.

It’s working when online because its simply forwarding your packet which contains the extra nick clause.

However the server doesn’t store this anywhere so if it is sent later then it will lose this extra information.

I would also be interested if anyone has a neat solution to this? I can’t think of anything.

You could also send a message with the extra information but the issue is that would only get received once whereas the presence will keep getting sent to the receiving user until there is an appropriate presence response. Not so good.

Our implementation sends extra clauses in the presence as well but they get intercepted in a custom plugin and stored in our DB and used later. Certainly not ideal, and wouldn’t help much in your case I don’t think.

No simple solution from me. Sorry.