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Subscription request in PEP

Hi I am facing some issues in the PEP. The current server which i am using is Jabber XCP.

I am unable to use the “auto-subscribe”. As a result, i have to explicitily subscribe to a particular node.

I have set the node access_mode to “open”.

I have created a node called “tune” for a loginID "user15@", which is acting as a Virtual PubSub service.

Now, i want another entity "user16@"(another virtual pubsub service) to be subscribed to the above mentioned node.

The problem which i am facing is with “Node addressing”, i believe.

The packet which i am sending is:: from user16@

The packet i receive from the server is::

Whats the problem here ? Am i going wrong in the node addressing ?

Kindly help me out and tell me the exact subscription packet format.

Any kind of help would be appreciated.