Subversion links broken

a) the normal link postet with http://… ext.subversion:subversion-commits-tabpanel

b) link posted with x[ /url ]

url= gin.ext.subversion:subversion-commits-tabpanelx[/url]

c) link in is displayed fine but not clickable: ext.subversion:subversion-commits-tabpanel[/code]


Thanks for the bug reports. For now, I’‘d recommend posting issue numbers without full URL’'s; for example: JM-291.

For the next version of forums, we’'re working on an all-new, super cool formatting engine. It should let us fix all these issues much more easily while also offering a lot of new features. The first test version should be ready for deployment in the next few weeks.



Hi Matt,

JM-291 does link to something completely different than

http://foobar/JM-291-who-did-create-this-url?me=true while http://foobar/XY-291-who-did-create-this-url?me=true is fine.

And I did want to link to a file and not the whole issue, as there it may be hard for nivice users to find the link to the affected files.