Successfully logged in via SparkWeb. can receive messages, but cannot send

Running Openfire 3.7.0beta, SparkWeb 0.9.0 (with updated swf), and Spark 2.6.0RC1

I successfully logged into my Openfire server using SparkWeb.

Other users can see me online.

They can send me messages which I can see on my web client.

If I send messages from the web client, I see them locally but they never seem to arrive.

Any ideas?

(Another interesting note: I tried logging in to SparkWeb while logged in via Spark. I was able to be logged in both places simultaneously. Is this normal? While logged in simultaneously, I only received messages on Spark)

SparkWeb 0.9.0 (even with updated swf) is very old and probably not compatible with Openfire 3.7.0 anymore. We should wait for Dele to make new version of SparkWeb, but this will take a while (

In jabber/xmpp it is allowed to be logged in with the same account from different places if those logins are using defferent resource names (jid: username@domain/resource). So, you SparkWeb connection probably has different resource name and that’s why you were able to login twice. Check Sessions page in Openfire Admin Console, it shows resource names there.


I am having this same problem, mine can’t even connect. It says not authorised try again latter.

could you share how you configured your to work. I am using openfire 3.7.0 and below is the settings on my sparkweb.html


return {

server: “”,

connectionType: “socket”,

port: “5222”,

autoLogin: “false”


This use to work fine on openfore 3.6.+. I experience this after upgrade to 3.7.0. Do i need to change anything on openfire?