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Sudden Problems With Jabber/Yahoo/iChat?

I’m on a Mac running OS X 10.5.6, currently OpenFire 6.6.3, iChat 4.0.7.

I successfully followed the directions from Nathan Toone’s tutorial (http://blog.toonetown.com/2007/12/10-steps-to-multi-protocol-ichat.html), and was able to instant message with my niece on her Yahoo account using iChat.

It worked for about six months, and suddenly last week I noticed that my Jabber/Yahoo buddy names in iChat were gone. I re-created new test Buddy Names in iChat, representing known good Yahoo addresses. They don’t work, and the “Waiting for Authorization” message steadily sits below each. Test instant messages are not received in the respective Yahoo accounts, and my own Yahoo account is not recognized by them as being available, although iChat thinks it’s logged in.

I logged into the OpenFire console, and found that all seemed well, except that the Yahoo transport failed its self-test. I changed to several different msg.yahoo server options, all failed.

I upgraded to the latest version of OpenFire, 6.6.3, from 6.6.0a. No differences noticed.

Also, my Jabber/Yahoo Account test names have re-disappeared from iChat already twice during this process, both times when quitting and relaunching iChat. I trashed the Jabber.plist from Preferences, and so far, so good. AIM account names and instant messages function perfectly.

I’m not sure, but it sounds like I might have two issues, one with iChat losing the Account names I’ve entered, and one with OpenFire not properly communicating with Yahoo’s message server.

I read the posts here (http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/38171?tstart=0) and that could account for Yahoo failing its test connection.

Anyone have any other thoughts that could help? It’s a shame that this system was working so well for months, then suddenly it’s gone. I’m trying to avoid uninstalling everything and redoing it all from scratch, but I guess that’s next.

Thanks in advance for the assistance!


Okay, I think I have it figured out (judging from the dearth of replies after 70-odd views, sounds like this is a stumper).

I read on this board that there’s been recent trouble with connecting to the Yahoo message servers. In researching this issue, I read somewhere that the iChat buddies list is saved on the server, not locally, which is apparently why, when the server disconnects, you lose your buddies but you don’t when you delete the jabber.plist file from preferences.

So I think what happened was, Yahoo disconnected, deleting my buddies list in iChat. So while troubleshooting, I deleted the Jabber user from iChat, and then never properly set up the replacement. The arrangement appears to be working now, and newly added Yahoo buddies no longer say “Waiting for Authorization.”

I’m marking this question as answered, because I think the sole remaining issue is that there’s been connection problems with Yahoo, which have other threads for discussion.