Suggestion for available services area

I don’‘t know what you officially call the “available services” area where your transports show up (that space at the top of your roster just below your username ). Today, after I added a few more transports to our server, I didn’'t see them all in Spark.

The problem is that when you size your window too narrow, you can’‘t see all of your transports, and do not get any visual representation that there are more that just didn’‘t fit on the window. There should be an arrow or something indicating that not everything fit and there are more services to the right. I suppose you could also wrap the icons to another line if they didn’‘t all fit…Either way…but there should be some indication that your window isn’'t wide enough to fit all the service icons.


This is an excellent point.

I don’'t think it would be to hard to make it wrap the icons.

Let me attempt a patch.

Cyclone, any luck?



will work on this tonight.

Got caught up with the holiday hell at work.

Sorry for the delay