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Suggestions for iPhone client that will work with openfire?

Since openfire uses jabber, does anyone have any experience with any particular jabber client that works well with openfire on the iPhone?

Less urgently, any clients for Blackberry or Symbian?

just in case anyone is wondering, the best solution i found so far is Monal:

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I will have to second that. I have tried like hell to get Bria for iPhone working and I come down to the conclusion that it just doesn’t. I used Monal and worked like a charm the first time. Still kind of sucks though. I would like to work with Bria so i can have all features in one app.

Hi Steel Reign

I had the same problem ie. Bria iphone client would not login. I kept getting an Authentication Error (7) on my Bria iPhone client.

To fix this you need to make sure that the server domain (that you enter during the openfire installation) is valid. Try testing this out on your LAN first, just enter the LAN ip address of the openfire server as the domain ie.

then put the same domain value into your Bria iphone client along with your username and password and it should connect. (youll obviously need to have a wifi hot spot so that your iphone and openfire server can be on the same private LAN).

Thanks TheG

It took a little more effort then that, but the one step I forgot about was the domain in the intial setup. Your post made my brain stop skipping.

i use beejive and im+ without problem