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Super-groups not creating rosters for sub-groups

Hello everyone,

I’'m trying to create a series of groups that will appear for different people within my jabber server. For example, I want to have all of the Technology foke be able to see other departments inside of Tech, but not people in the Product group.

To accomplish this, I created a few groups:

Tech (put all members of the tech group here) -> Sharing disabled

QA -> Sharing enabled to members of the ‘‘Tech’’ group

Platform Services -> Sharing enabled to member of the ‘‘Tech’’ group

Product (put all members of product group here) -> Sharing Disabled

Product Managers -> Enable to members of the ‘‘Product’’ Group

Project Mangers -> Enable sharing to members of the ‘‘Product’’ group

This works fine when I create the larger group (Tech / Product) first, then add members to the smaller groups. However, when I add a new person to the larger group, Wildfire doesn’'t populate the smaller groups.

Has anyone else had this problem or have a work around?

I think you have to enable sharing on Tech and Product also.

For example:

QA is shared to Tech and Platform Services

Platform Services is shared to Tech an QA


Tech is shared to QA an Platform Services

Then the target “all…technology foke be able to see other departments inside of Tech” is reached

I think he was speaking about automatic adding of users to inherit groups. But there is no nesting/sub-grouping functionality in Shared Groups. So, all of your groups are really on the same level. If you share some group to other it doesnt make that group as a subgroup of latter.

You can find plenty of threads discussing that: