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Supplementing chat client with DB injections

This will probably sound odd, but I’m wondering whether anyone has experience or knowledge of adapting Openfire to be able to read any messages from a specific table and deliver them. Some sort of trigger or listener would be connected to the specific table, I assume, which would notice if there is an entry in there and deliver it to the user or transfer to ofoffline table for later delivery if user is not online, I guess…

Sort of inspired by the handling of the offline messages, where I can add a row and if properly formatted and the user is not online, it will be delivered once that user comes online. I wanted to explore the possibility of being also able to insert a message for online users.

The idea is an additional interface to the OF server functionality I guess, so possibly going too far from intended behaviour…? Having said that, the same kind of behaviour is of course already implemented there (offline msgs), so it seems like just a matter of changing the point of checking the specific table for messages. So change the event from “login” to some sort of regular polling I guess…? (Which sounds bad though… but I can’t see this easily done by being pushed, unless the DB trigger would be able to impact something else that sets off the check (without sending frequent “connect” requests).

This opens up the possibility of a JDBC interface for messaging… but I freely admit that I am unfortunately nowhere near familiar enough with the actual XMPP standard [already on tasklist for reading…] to know whether this perhaps even breaks fundamental parts of it. I don’t think so, but like I say, it’s quite possibly I’ve missed something.

Any thoughts or opinions on this (good or bad both welcome) ?

Thanks for your time