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Supplied key (null) and Illegal key size


I’ve gone through the same nightmare everybody is talking about, and kept running into the “Supplied key (null)” error, regardless of what I have tried to do…

Deleted my keystore and got “security/keystore (No such file or directory)” in the error log.

Recreated a “dummy” keystore by putting the startcome certificate in it.

And I am now getting the “Illegal key size” error…

A find on the servers shows me:


So I am assuming that JCE is installed ?

Any suggestions ?


This post doesn’t show up under “Certificates” even though I have tagged it as such. what do I need to do to make it show up there ?

Solved !

Here is what I did:

-Downloaded the “Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files” from the SUN website, downloaded the latest version.

-even though I already had the files “local_policy.jar” and “US_export_policy.jar” in openfire/jre/lib/security, that came with the openfire install, those files are not the Unlimited Strength ones, so they need to be replaced with the Unlimited Strength ones.

-IMPORTANT: shutdown openfire (/etc/init.d/openfire stop on UNIX)

-use keytool to remove all the keys in your current keystore:

cd openfire/resources/security/

…/…/jre/bin/keytool -list -keystore keystore

For each key in there:

…/…/jre/bin/keytool -delete -alias blahblahblah -keystore keystore

-restart openfire (/usr/init.d/openfire start)

-use the admin console to paste your key in. Note that you need to copy and paste the entire file, including the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- etc…)

Note: If you don’t stop openfire before you clean up your keystore,your keystore will look clean, but when you add the key, it will be added as example.com_2, and everything that you just deleted will re-appear !