Support for multiple identities


I’ve written a patch for org.jivesoftware.smackx.ServiceDiscoveryManager which introduces the ability to add additional identities to the DISCO result.

If you’d like to include this in the official Smack stream, I’d like to receive some instructions on how to proceed.



If you want to contribute a patch, attach it to your post here (as a .patch file) and add the tag bug_report, smack and the relevant extension.

Please add some more information about your patch as well. Is it simply an addition that you think is useful, a defect or does it fill a gap in the implementation of the specification.

I will also add, that unit tests would make things happen a lot quicker.

You may find this document useful.

Hi, everyone.

…Currently, ServiceDiscoveryManager has not supported multiple identities yet?

According to the source code of ServiceDiscoveryManager seem to have only two static fields for a single Identity information. And, a single identity information is shared by all connection of an application. On the other hand, each connection has a list of features. seems that multiple identities are allowed…

…Hmm. I have a problem.

I would like to add an “automation” identity to a bot client to support jabber-RPC( ).

Now I attach a patch file to explain my ideas, but it is untested.

(Sorry, I do not know standard method to test this class.)

Currently, a single Identity, that has type “client”, is shared by all connections of an application.

I afraid that there are programs depending on the behaviour.

Hence, I would like to propose to add some code fragments that makes users be able to add more than one identity for each connection. (1059 Bytes)