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Support JEP-0055

Dear Developers!

Please, include support JEP-0055 http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0055.html in your wonderful software product. I want to install your server in the organization, but there is no expanded search. All mine users will be very grateful to you.


Hi Andrey,

I’‘ve actually written some code that implements the basic functionality of JEP-0055. I’‘m working with Matt to get it packaged up as a plugin so hopefully we’'ll have something ready to go soon.



Hi Andrey: I have a short Perl script that will connect to an external Jive database (MySQL in my case but it should be trivial to use a different one, as long as it’'s supported by Perl DBI) and generate a static page containing info on all users. I run it every 15 mins. and people go there to find info on users.

It’‘s quite trivial but I’'m happy to give it to anyone who is interested… although it sounds like Ryan and Matt might have proper JEP-55 support soon enough that it might not be worthwhile .


BTW, you now have permission to attach files in the forums in case you want to post anything.



can you post that script or do you have a demo-page online anywhere?

OK, I attached it. Replace the values in [[…]] with your local values (SQL database name, SQL user name, SQL password, and JID domain name).

This is truly trivial; my version has some expository text around it. Obviously a lot could be done to make it nicer but it gets the job done for now.

I have developed the small plugin which prints out the list of registered users into ordinary chat session.

Sounds good… is there a place for plugins yet, or can you attach it?

No place, but… I can attach it.

Old version removed from forum

I send message to “spisok@userlist.myserver”

Server: JiveMessenger ver. 2.1.1 OS Debian, use LDAP (AD)

Client: Exodus ver., Pandion ver 2.1; OS Win2K SP4

Exception in thread “SRT reader” java.lang.AbstractMethodError: ru.fefelov.jivemessenger.plugin.userlist.UserListPlugin.processPacket(Lorg/xmpp /packet/Packet;)

at org.jivesoftware.messenger.PacketRouter.hasRouted(PacketRouter.java:101)

at org.jivesoftware.messenger.PacketRouter.route(PacketRouter.java:83)

at org.jivesoftware.messenger.net.SocketReadThread.readStream(SocketReadThread.jav a:191)

at org.jivesoftware.messenger.net.SocketReadThread.run(SocketReadThread.java:109)

Plugin works only with 2005-02-07 or newer because of Jive API change.

Ok, thanks

New version available.

  • Formatting added to results.

  • Now plugin reacts only to the messages addressed to obviously specified service JID (info@userlist.SERVERNAME by default).

  • Simple access control implemented (members of userlistOutcast group are not allowed to use the service).

Next version (this week, i hope) will support:

  • simple query language

  • localization

Discussion about User List Plugin proceeds here:


I certainly appreciate the work Alexander is putting into the User List plugin… but I have to wonder, why not support JEP-0055 directly rather than requiring a Messenger-specific user list capability? Having a user directory which is already supported by many clients and has a standard definition seems to me like a better way to go, in the long term at least.

Earlier in this thread (in January) it seemed like the JEP-0055 plugin was in progress. Is that still the case? I’‘m not familiar with Messenger’'s plugin capability but is there some reason supporting JEP-0055 is so much more difficult than providing the user list plugin?

Just curious…

Hi, madscientist!

Wath this Thread:


I hope to see this plugin in next release of JM

Hi madscientist,

A plugin that adds support for JEP-0055 to Messenger is complete and will be available for download as soon as Messenger 2.1.2 is released. A reason for the delay has been that the plugin API had been in a bit of state of flux and only in the past three to four weeks was it possible to register the plugin in a way to allow clients access to it; the “core” part of the plugin has that actually does all the JEP-0055 compliance work has actually changed very little since in the past couple of months.

Hope that helps,