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Support more fields within Roster?

Hi there,

is it possible to support more fields within the Roster? I see 3 fields by default in openfire.

I would like to send a few custom fields with each entry in the Roster.

For example, Telephone number and a few others.

Does this RFC spec allow for this and is it supported in Openfire?

Or would i need to create a custom plugin?

Look forward to any help


Ok I took a look at the RFC and it states here that there is a name but no more custom fields


So what would be the order of the day? To included additional items.

Override the roster GET on the server and return a roster to include additional fields, but this would make it an invalid response correct?

Or return a different object?

The good news is that the server is private and clients are too, so if i need to override anything on the client - i am able to

But i am just unsure of the direction to take.

Can anyone help me please?

Comments are welcome

Thanks in advance