Supporting XEP-0467: XMPP over QUIC

Is it possible to have support for XEP-0467

That’s an interesting thought. The XEP is still experimental. I’m interested in your reasons for wanting this to be in Openfire.

I’m worried that it is hard to have a pure Java implementation of the QUIC protocol. I’m not a fan of using platform native libraries, but we could resort to that if need be.

I have created a ticket for this feature request in our bug tracker: [OF-2773] - Ignite Realtime Jira

Besides the known reasons of QUIC vs TCP/TCP+TLS. QUIC would make it easy to create a demuxer of XMPP (we are trying to design a protocol that bundle XMPP and VoIP signaling over one connection) because the demuxer would have to maintain few connections to the XMPP server rather than many.

That’s an interesting use-case. I’m not seeing a QUIC implementation in Openfire being contributed by a volunteer anytime soon though. In the mean time, you could consider having a look at a third party multiplexer. I have had good results with SSLH.