Supress external STUN connections of Spark


our corporate network security stumbled across the STUN connection of Spark 2.5.8 (default installation) to the IP via UDP on port 3478.

I have removed the default entries in OF 3.4.5 for the external STUN providers and rebooted the server. Still Spark is trying to connect to Any ideas how to stop the attempt to connect to 75… ? The removal of the jingle and phone plugin helped, but I am quite suprise that the IP 75xx is still called by Spark after removing the server setting. Any ideas? Hardcode IP’s in Spark ? Cached setting in the client?

Addition: I have checked the source code of the Jingle plugin. It contains hard code the URL in This overrules apparently the settings in the server.

Kind regrads,

Walter Ebeling