[SVN] ICQ not logging in but no error given

Today I compiled the latest svn to do some tests. I registeres with the icq transport and it didn’‘t give me an invalid db field error with the icq uin 98706050 however it doesn’'t login either.

THe only debug stuff I found about it is this:

2006.11.04 17:14:10 icq: Sending packet:

2006.11.04 17:14:10 Registered obi_wan@jabber.st-city.net/xerxes as 98706050

Did you log out and back in and see if that worked? (note that I thought I fixed it to where you register and then it probes to see if you are online, but that may not be working as planned yet)

I tried it again and now it gives me again the invalid db field error.

I don’‘t recall if I’'ve asked you this before, but how long is your password for ICQ?

9 characters

I have never figured out why, but some ICQ accounts do not work with the newer auth protocol. (newer == same as AIM) I began work on implementing ICQ’'s real login procedure so that everyone will be able to log in.