SVN line endings

All Java files in the SVN repository have misconfigured line endings: they all have CRLF line endings, with no svn:eol-style property set. This causes them to check out with DOS line endings in Unix environments. This causes problems with git-svn, which I’m trying to use to manage patch sets for some work I’m doing on it. (Mixing git and svn is complicated enough, so I really don’t want to try to work around this.)

Can you fix your repository to set the svn:eol-style property to native on *.java? It also seems to be missing on a few other text files in trunk:










I’d like to send my changes up–for example, fixing up SSL certificate authentication (the FQDN checking appears very broken–a certificate for “*” will match “”) and BOSH support–but this problem makes it hard to track what I’m doing against trunk. Can you please fix this?

find -name ‘*.java’ -exec svn ps svn:eol-style native {} ‘;’

and add this to your Subversion client config so it doesn’t keep happening:


enable-auto-props = yes


*.java = svn:eol-style=native

Since I couldn’t get a reply to a simple issue to make contributing easier I didn’t spend time asking about complex ones, but if anyone’s interested, my work is at, including:

  • Support for TLS compression, if available.

  • Fixed various TLS certificate issues.

  • Fixed TLS certificate loading on Android (and other fixes based on asmack).

  • Correct handling of SRV priorities and weights.

  • BOSH support via jbosh, including automatic discovery. This uses some changes to jbosh (

  • PacketCollectors no longer time out if the connection is lost while waiting, and provide a simpler API requiring fewer manual checks and unsafe casts by the caller.


certainly not trying to ignore your requests, and contributions are definitely appreciated. I will try to fix the svn issue in the next couple of days. Just been a little busy lately so I haven’t been able to respond to all messages.

I am assuming that the eol change doesn’t actually impact the code itself (i.e. affect the code history).

If you can submit patches (.patch files) for the specific issues, I will link them to corresponding Jira issues (if they exist) or create new ones.

It looks like everything you have mentioned should be applied against trunk. Please make sure that test cases are added as appropriate as this will get the code merged in sooner.

I will post when the eol issue is resolved.

Fixing EOLs affects code history, since the line endings change internally.

I can send patches (eventually, will be a while), but you can just pull whatever you like using git-svn.

By the way, you may want to update the licenses on the tests. Many of them are still Apache 1.1, and FileTransferTest says “proprietary information of Jive Software”.