SVR DNS record for Windows DNS

I’‘m stumped here setting up our WildFire server on our office LAN. All is working fine in regards to WildFire and even LDAP settings for our Windows 2000 AD. However, when I try to set the xmpp.domain to our domain name and the I setup an SVR record for _jabber-client, it will not find the server and connect. I’'m curious if anyone can give me clues as to what my be going on with the clients not connecting. Here is the SVR record setup in DNS for our main forward lookup zone for our domain:


Service: _jabber-client

Protocol: _tcp

Priority: 10

Weight: 0

Port number: 5222

Host offering this server:

I assume this is the only SVR record I should need and that it’'s setup right. Why, then, is none of my clients finding the server w/o me explictly definting the host of the server? Any clues would be helpful in this matter.

This is what I have for my zone: 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5269 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5269 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5222

but I don’‘t think you need that for users on you LAN. I’'ve been using it without, until I decided we would start federating with Google Talk, so I added it.

I think we have to have a client SVR record to allow LAN clients to connect w/o explicitly defining the server hostname. The format of "" should suffice it to find the right server and port with the right SVR record, but for some reason–it’‘s not working for me. I’‘m not sure if DNS isn’‘t setup properly across the board, or if it’'s somethign else.

By the way, when I do a dig on the record, it seems to query properly:

dig any +short

10 0 5222

I would assume this is the result I want to get back per what is mentioned here:

This is what I get here:

dig @ any +short

5 0 5222

Hope it helps.


I got my answer. The service, even though I said to make it optional, was using port 5223 (encrypted) and not falling back to 5222. I setup a recrod for _xmpp-client-enc going to 5223 and bingoit’'s working now. I should have been playing closer attention to the fact that it was using 5223 and not 5222to which I had originally setup the DNS record for.