Switching Install4j to Inno Setup?


The Openfire Windows installer is currently built with install4j.

The downside is, that install4j requires a license key and is therefore only available on one of igniterealtime.org’s (or Jive’s?) non-public servers: ignite01 according to Daryl.

That means:

  1. nobody can build an Openfire installer by themselves (even if they have an install4j license, they had to modify the Ant build script), people have to wait for the next official release, built by ignite.

  2. it blocks or at least hinders the migration to Maven, because it’s hard to test a build, which only runs successful on ignite01.

So what about using a different installer, namely Inno Setup?

It’s free and is the most popular alternative to install4j. And it works with Maven. And we potentially could include it in the repository, so that everybody could build an installer on their local machine.

The current install4j installer looks pretty simple, I am sure the same could be achieved with Inno Setup.

Any thoughts?

+1 for Inno Setup

I use it for all my commercial Openfire work as I can package any plugins and even web applications with it. Yes, +10 from me

I guess we are only talking about Openfire? Nobody cares about Spark Well, this can be a test before switching Spark too. But with a client it is a bit trickier as usually there is already a sizable installation base with an older installer, which needs to be migrated/upgraded.

Not opposed in general. Maybe Inno is even smart enough to check for running Openfire service before updating (or maybe even installing the service on its own).