Switching to MS-SQL?

We initially chose to use the embedded database while I was testing Openfire and have so far been very pleased with it.

Im looking to roll this out to all users and would prefer to now use my own Microsoft SQL database.

Im trying to find where I can change these settings to, but there doesnt appear to be anything in the admin console?

Lastly, is there a way I can manually set all users ‘config’ options from the server? i.e set their download location, tick what groups will be shown/hidden etc?


theres currently no way to force sparksettings from the server

you can build your own installer with predefined settings

as for MS-SQL, no idea

Anyone else have any other suggestions?

you can change true line in openfire.xml to false

then open admin console you will get back to config wizard, choose database type from there.

Right down other configuration values (LDAP for example) before you switch.

to migrate users (if it not LDAP) - try using User Export Plugin.

I am not sure what you mean by ‘users’ config options. but you should be able to copy lots of server settings from server settings page.

Thanks J2.

With regards to the Users config options… Im starting to roll this out to all our users.

Id like to change the default downloads directory, popup, notification and startup settings from the default values.

Are any of these values stored within an xml / config file? I could easily over-write a users config file with a simple batch script.