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Syabel source code?


Does anyone know when the Syabel source code will be released? Would it be possible to get the source code on a case-by-case basis. We just want to change a few colors in the Syabel environment.



The source code (flex3) is not ready to be released as it still got bugs and unfinished. When we are happy to release it, I will post it here.



thank you for your reply. I understand that the code may have bugs and be unfinished. However, if it would be possible to have the code released to us there are just a few things we need.

This is for a large California State University Library, a public education entity. We would be willing to work with you to the extent we can to facilitate a one-time release of the code directly to us.

Your code would not be released or made available and our deployment of any aspect of it would be limited to the physical confines of the University Library.

Thanks for any help.