Sybase support - Incorrect database schema


I found something in 2.6.0 that I think is an error, if you look in the file resources/database/wildfire_sybase.sql you see that each statement is ended with a semicolon (, this is Oracle syntax, not Sybase.

Sybase uses the statement Go to end transactions, nothing else.

And the NVARCHAR type has a max length of 255 characters in Sybase, but 1024 and 4000 characters are used in some places.

Anyone else with the same problem? Is this a known problem?

(I removed all semicolons and added a Go before the inserts and changed all NVARCHAR to max 255 and it works fine, so besides that, the syntax is correct)

Hi Daniel,

still no reply here … I wonder if you are the first one who is using a Sybase database


It looks like it. But it has to be wrong, it is clearly not sybase syntax.

JM-856 should solve this problem.