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Synchroziation or updating polling frequency of Openfire


I am using below queries to udpate the users in Openfire rather than using via XML way of adding via user plugin. I have three different users list in three different groups.

  1.            $sqlf="insert into ofUser (username,plainPassword,creationDate, modificationDate ) values  ('$mval','password','$curtime','$curtime')";
  2.            $sqlf="insert into ofGroupUser (groupName,username,administrator) values('$group','$mval','0')";

Here both the ofUser & ofGroupUser tables are getting updated with user list however when I see the group list in Openfire Admin, they are not reflecting instantly. It is taking time some times 15 minutes to see in Openfire group list, & sometime 1 hours also. I see that synchroziation or updating polling frequency could be issue.

Please can you help to address this issue so that users in repective group gets added instantly & reflect instantly. Do not want to restart Openfire everytime for every user added as existing chat within other users will get disconnected.


Well, I think it is a bad idea to change the servers data from outside the server, as there can quite likely be negative unpredictable side effects. That being said, this document defines the cache parameters that you can set.

If I were you, I would think about writing a plugin which would allow me to add users programatically through the internal API’s, thus not being affected by the cache or having to directly manipulate the database.

Good luck.