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Syncronized Openfire with Active Directory Problem

Hi all, i got a problem !!!

My OpenFire is syncronized with a Microsoft Server 2102 R2 with an active directory.

But i had a problem that annoys me.

In spark I want the nickname of my users to appear like this : “John Doe - 353” where - 353 is the number phone from Active Directory.

When i do it in Openfire configuration by concatenating {Username} . {PhoneNumber}, i got an error an all the active directory get desyncronized.

Can you please help me.

Thanhk you all.

You may need to accomplish this with the vcard tags. maybe play with the tags like {sn} - {telephoneNumber} or perhaps the nickname tag will do.

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ok i will try

i’ll give you feedback soon

How can i do it ?