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Syntax/ format to send one to one message for archiving


We were able to send one to one chat between two users and it is getting stored in the table ofmessagearchive. but we were not able to retrieve the messages.
even it is not showing in the admin console.

but when we tried to send a message using Gajim client, in search archive we can see the chat history.

so can anyone share the format or syntax while sending one to one messages.

We are trying for so many days, please help…!!
Thank you

I don’t think there is something special about sending messages for them to be archived. I was testing with Pidgin, Gajim, Exodus (very old client) and Spark and all messages were being archived and shown in Admin Console search archives menu. If you have a custom client, maybe you should show a code of how you send messages (maybe also how you try to retrieve them).


we are developing custom mobile app in ios and android, I am asking about the stanza to send message from client.
Using Gajim, when we sent message, it showing in the admin console -> search archive, but it is not showing when send message using our custom app.


I understand that. If you provide an example of your sending code, maybe someone will be able to tell, if your code is wrong. Otherwise you are hoping for someone to guess what is wrong or even explain the basics of XMPP. Also, if you use a framework, you should mention it. The error maybe in the framework itself.


We are using xmpp framework, the following is the stanza we are using to send a message ,one on one message.

<message xmlns="jabber:client" type="chat" to="xyz@domain" from="abc@domain" id="DEAE8E43-E7C8-4157-BC73-497F4D1C375B"> <body>Hi, how are you?</body> </message>

Until someone has thoughts on this you can try comparing stanzas sent with working client. Don’t know if Gajim has a debugger or xml viewer. Probably does. Spark also has a debugger with raw xml view. You can also install xml debugger plugin on Openfire.


When trying to retrieve history in Gajim client, getting below error in xml console.

 <iq type="error" id="b2b7c208-a258-4c66-9fa8-3d9c47867187" to="abc@domain/gajim.7QF4152L">
<error code="501" type="cancel">
<feature-not-implemented xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas"/>


Attached system feature from gajim client, any feature missing ?


I don’t know what this error means, maybe it is not related as Gajim is able to pull history from the server. The server info looks fine to me. As I’m not a developer can’t add more to that.