System Requirements Per Connection


I’'ve been tasked with researching WildFire for our company.

The first site will be here and I am sure even a most basic server can handle the work load. I searched the docs and hopefully I didn’'t miss it. What I need is a rough idea of the system requirements per connection. Once we have a stable server here the plan is to connect the other offices and without having to upgrade the hardware.

We have techs that handle linux and windows, assuming we head towards linux at this moment (but having the in theory specs for windows would be nice too.

The most basic questions that I couldn’'t find the answer to:

What are the specs hardware wise for a per user connection ran on linux?

What are the specs hardware wise for a per user connection ran on Windows?

Has anyone ever clocked the average amount of bandwidth a “typical” work employee generates (not including people sending music or movies through IM - against policy rules of course!)?

About us:

We have 39 employees here, around 25 at another branch and I’'m not immediately sure of the others. When every location is added we could be well over 200 total. I should have about $1200.00 USD to spend on a server.

I actually don’'t need help with what to buy but I added that info just for the heck of it. Once I have a better understanding of how taxing Wildfire is and the per connection usage is the rest is easy as a cyber pie.

Thanks for any help of course!

-Chris Quinn

Hey Chris,

We have a very good and old community member whose alias is wroot that is running Wildfire using a 500MHz Pentium with 64MB RAM (Archlinux). He seems to attain the record of running Wildfire for around 90 users in the smallest hardware.

Hope that helps.


– Gato

Thanks! It does.

Note that you have to add some flags to the java vm, so that it uses up less RAM for the stack. My hoster forbid running wildfire until I downsized the stack to 64MB (from 500MB, which seems to be the default).

Huh, Gato seems to be more aware about my server than me Just for update. The new record is ~110 users online (not everyone is active actually) with the same hardware. It works fine mostly, just Admin Console is a bit “lazy”.

Hey Wroot,

You can find almost everything on the internet. A quick search in our

forums gave me that info.


– Gato