System Requirements

Where would I find the minimum/suggested system requirements for Spark?

Thanks for the help.

Well, essentially, Java, 120+ MBs of free disk space, 256 MBs of RAM and a screen may help

Only joking, Spark doesn’t generally require much in terms of processing really. 1 GHZ processor will probably do it.

As Winserv already told, you need the same Java Requirements.

Maybe this also helps, I use spark sometimes in a virtual WinXP(normally I use Ubuntu as primary OS) for testing purposes.

My virtual machine is configured with just 512Mb of RAM and works ok.

hope this helps,


-eduardo s.m.

Thanks for the help. I realize that Spark is a pretty lite client. The reason I ask about system requirements, is that I need specific info i.e. processor speed, RAM, operating system (vista supported?) browsers, etc… so I can write a contract for my employees to insure their machines meet the minimum specs.

Thanks again.

I can definitely confirm that there is Vista support, there amount of RAM will never be able to be specific as spark does stuff the amount of RAM it uses increases and decreases over a period of time. Browsers will essentially just be the default browser that is sent into Windows.

Nothing much more to say other than what i’ve already stated really.