System-shutdown message when using windows service

Hi, All.

The issue I’m writing about is an old-time “bug”, but i wonder why it hasn’t been fixed yet…

It was mentioned some time ago in one of discussions here, but I can’t find this discussion for now.


  • OpenFire is installed on Windows as a service (with a command “openfire-service.exe -install”);

  • Clients (in my case it’s Miranda IM) are connected and working;


  • I stop OpenFire service (with a command “net stop Openfire” or by means of GUI of services.msc);

  • All clients get disconnected (obviously), but additionally throw up a messagebox with the header “Jabber error”, text saying “system-shutdown” and “OK” button; this messagebox is caused by this packet from OpenFire server:

     <system-shutdown xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-streams" />
  • Clients won’t reconnect until user presses “OK” button on this messagebox (which is not modal and can simply become hidden by other windows);

Other facts:

  • AFAIK this issue is not reproducible with Linux daemons;

  • If I kill “openfire-service.exe” process then clients get disconnected normally (become offline), without any messageboxes, and can reconnect normally (manually or automatically) when service is restarted;

  • If I would use user-mode executable (openfire.exe) and press “Stop” in its’ window - clients get disconnected normally too;


This issue is specific to Windows service executable (openfire-service.exe) and requires recompiling it (after fixing the sources);

I really hope this shall be done sometimes, becauses it causes severe inconvinience to administrators running OpenFire on Windows.

Thanks in advance.