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Tabbed conversation windows?

I’m not a fan of conversations opening each in their own window.

Are there other clients that use tabbed windows?

Or is this a spark config option?



My bad. Looks like it is just the first Spark window that is separate and needs to be joined in as its own tab.

Almost there.

Spark always had tabbed conversations only, so i’m confused about your question. Do you mean, that you want contacts window (roster) to be in a tab also (e.g. like default view of new Skype versions), all in one window? Maybe you can make a screenshot or explain it more.

Hey, @wroot!

Been a long time. How’s it going?

I’m also not sure what Brad7 is pointing. There is no option as well to separate the chat window.

By the way, @wroot, I will make a thread in the plugins. I will suggest an option in the spark client in the chat preferences.

Either you want a tabbed chat window or separate chat window.

Thanks :slight_smile: