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Table on embedded openfire

hi all,

how can i display all tables from openfire embedde db?

as my attachment attaches,we can se that one of the table is Ofuser.

what query that i should execute to view all tables


should work.

You could (read-only) open embedded.db/openfire.script and look there for the table names.

thanks Life is Good, but i get confuse…as my attachemnt db.png,we can see that there are many tables such as OFGROUP,OFGROUPPROP and when i open system tables.png there are SYSTEM_ALIASES, SYSTEM_ALLTYPEINFO,SYSTEM_AUTHORIZATIONS,SYSTEM_BESTROWIDENTIFIER.So, my question is both OFGROUP AND OFGROUPPROP inculede on what system alliases?

Maybe you need to use .TABLES without SYSTEM_

The OF… tables are the Openfire tables, the ‘create table …’ statements are at the beginning of the openfire.script file.

what query if i wanna see name of users which have been created??

can we attach script file into sql 2000?

LG : how can i take spark source code?? i used tortoise svn, but i got error the feature is not supported by ‘/browse/spark/trunk/build’,additional error: propfind request on '/browse/spark/trunk/build’failed: 501 method profind is not defined in RFC 2068 and is not supported by the servlet API

Try to use the menu Download, Source to fetch Spark.

Users should be in the ofuser table, a select * from ofusers should work.