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Talking to the plugin

Hello all,

I am a begginner to work with openfire server. I am making a chat type application in android using the openfire server and I want to implement the RESET PASSWORD functionality in it. For the same I got one plugin named - PASSERVICE. I have installed it on the server and it is showing successfully in the plugins tab.

But now I am in a problem and a doubt regarding how to access this plugin now in my application functionality via code. Is there any particular method?? How to use it in my project. There is written that for talking to the plugin we have to make it as component but again how to do the same is also not written. Please help me in the form of a sample code if possible or guide me in a right way to deal with the server and the plugins developmentā€¦

Please reply if any knows the answer. It will help a lot of beginners and the developers will be benefited from the community. I have attached the passervice plugin also


It tells you how to do this at the end of the plugin documentation under Implementing your plugin. You will want to implement option 1 or 2 in your case.

I have already studied the above document but I am unable to get the thing that how can I implement it at the client side. Please guide me in this thing.How it will talk to the client application which is using openfire server. How to integrate it to the application.