Task Bar not flashing

Hi, I am a systems admin of a small network. I have installed the spark on two seperate terminal servers that supports ~ 7 people each. Recently the spark client is not flashing in the task bar when people are recieving new messages. This is happening on both servers. This is a very similar problem as outlined in http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=129691&#129691. However i am currently running spark 2.0.4 and still experiencing this problem. I have ruled out permissions as a problem as it is happening for everyone on the network, including myself. It was actually working fine before the 2.0.2 patch. Any suggestions? Anyone else having this problem?

Do you have any Notifications set? I noticed that if you have Bring window to front it will not always flash.

c_ritten wrote:

Anyone else having this problem?

Yes, i have noticed it doesnt flash in 2.0.5, though i remember it was flashing with older versions.

No, i do not have any notifications set. I have noticed that if i install spark on a local machine that it works fine. So it seems to be something related to my terminal server running Spark.

I have Wildfire 3.1.1 deployed with users on Spark 2.0+, Gateway plug-in active.

Users are stating when chatting Spark to Spark via Wildfire the window steals the focus and pops-over whatever they are doing

Users are stating when chatting Spark to Spark via Gateway plug-in and AIM transport, the window does not flash/blink or pop-up/over

Ok, I see the Notification option in Spark “Bring window to front” which solves my first query. I’'m still concerned about the AIM transport/Gateway plugin not notifying the users of a message with a flash or bring to front.

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