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TCP/UDP tunnel over XMPP


it might sound silly, but is there a simple way to stream UDP/TCP traffic over XMPP with smack? what I’m trying to do is use XMPP for tunneling traffic between two client machines where the traffic that is sent can be any UDP/TCP traffic. Is there a simple and efficient way to do it?



it should be quite simple to map raw TCP or UDP data into XML and vice versa. But I don’t think that this will be an efficient solution.

Tunneling protocols in other protocols may cause serious issues, but that’s unrelated to XMPP as the transport.


Why do that? Are you trying to hack into a remote system or create a security vulerability?

neither. I’m using xmpp as internal control protocol for a distributed application, and I was wondering if I can extend it so that actual data, e.g. streaming, (like RTSP, or others) can be sent over the XMPP connection between two users instead of having to establish ssh tunnels between these users.