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Telecommute: XIFF$$$ Project

I am a ColdFusion developer seeking a XIFF developer for a web project:

In a nutshell, this is the closest example I’ve found on the web: http://www.igniterealtime.org/support/group_chat.jsp

Developer will have to be able to show successful example work of utilizing the XIFF library.

If you have not successfully built and can display sample work using XIFF, please DO NOT apply!

We are creating an application utilizing XIFF and AIR. We simply need a XMPP socket gateway client that is controlled by JavaScript functions. The application needs to be able (through JS functions) to login a user and send & receive messages. The interface must be AJAX and not flex/flash. All that flash would be used for is the XMPP socket gateway. Ejabberd and ColdFusion Event Gateways will be used on the backend. The socket utility would have to work in any browser and also in AIR.

We would only need a few basic JS functions: example: login(), logout(), sendMsg(), receiveMsg(), userStatus(), etc.


  1. Please send resume to info@automaxion.com.

  2. Provide quote “estimate” for application described above.

  3. Attach sample work or send a link to it.

Curious if you have had any takers on this project yet?

Not yet. Where are all of the XIFF / Actionscript developers???

It’s really weird that I cannot find a successful XIFF developer anywhere. I’ve even posted jobs on Actionscript.org and elance.com - I’m wondering if XIFF is the way to go.

I had one really good group out of Romania some years back that started the project with XIFF but they were building it with mProjector instead of AIR. They are tied up now in a long term project of their own and wont be available for about another 6 months.

We’ve got a working air app using xiff, but it is flex based. We’re in the process of moving it to a JS based AIR app.

It is a shame that xiff isn’t publish in some sort of a swf format with a whole bunch of public method endpoints that could be called however you choose.

As we’ve worked though it has been amazing to me that the library has been around for so long, yet there doesnt seem to be any progress being made on wrapping xiff into something more useful.

Just curious, if you didnt use xiff what would you use? JSJaC on the surface looks like it would work with air, alas, we never could make it connect? Are there come other xmpp optios out there?

Ive got a plan!

Check this out in the mean time and let me know what you think:


Saw that come through this morning. Pretty handy. AIR does the same thing natively… my issue is that I cant compile or find a swf version of xiff!

Here’s another one:


I have one.

No way! I want it!

My application has to work in any browser and also in AIR. AIR, for now, will be used to show alerts on the desktop even when the browser is not open.

It cost me almost $4500 with the developers from Romania who were building the app using mProjector. I have the FLA / AS files etc.

We should probably take this offline…

Wow, $4500 for that thing? At any rate I think we’ve got a pretty good solution already wrapping up here using flex for our AIR implimentation. Still would be interested in some consulting work depending on the project (which sounds vaguely similar to something we’ve been cooking up and are getting ready to launch). Send me a PM and let me know what the needs are and maybe we can be of some help.