Test GTalk plugin

I download the openfire and and configured in Eclipse then I want to test gtalk plugin with spark, so what is my next step… can any one help me, Advanced Thanks.

you need to install the IM Gateway plugin. Then activate the protocols you want to have available. The load spark and the gtalk icon should appear in the roster window. Click it and add an account.

I installed the IM gateway plugin .then how can I activate the protocol ?

If you are using Openfire 3.5.x under the Server tab there is a subtab for Gateways to configure its settings. Openfire 3.4.x or below has Gateways near the bottom of the main navigation links on the left side of the screen.

I configured Im gateway plugin in the server, everything is running successful, now I want to test that with spark…(I open the spark and provided username,password, and server name then what I have to do the next step to see all my gtalk contacts)…(this is the main part I am struggling at the movement)

Thanks for giving the replyings